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Obtaining ISO 27001: What You Need to Know

The ISO 27001 standard has rapidly become one of the most highly regarded security standards in the world. It’s used by large corporations like Disney, as well as government agencies and financial institutions. There are many steps to follow when you want to obtain ISO 27001 certification; this guide will help you make sure you’re following all of them.

Introducing ISO 27001

It is a specification for Mandreel Indonesia an information security management system (ISMS). The key components of an ISMS are its policy base, procedures for continual assessment, safeguards against loss or theft of data or cyber-attacks and finally cyber-security measures.

Although much of what you’ve read so far will seem like common sense, sometimes it’s good to put your organization through an audit. This is especially true when you’re launching a new security initiative or want to ensure compliance with internal policy or government regulations.

It’s also a great way for outsiders who are unfamiliar with your internal structure and processes—like auditors and potential investors—to gain visibility into how securely your operation is run.

Such audits include (but aren’t limited to) reviews, assessments, and even third-party reviews from other industry players in related fields (for example, cloud storage vendors). How can you get started? Let’s look at what it takes.

Why Do I Need ISO 27001?

In today’s day and age, hackers Mandreel ISO 27001 can gain access to your company at any time. Hackers can steal customer data, intellectual property and other sensitive information from your company with ease if you don’t have a way of securing that information. One of those ways is by obtaining ISO 27001 certification.

Obtaining ISO 27001 means that you have a detailed plan in place for securing all electronic and physical data from not only hackers but also disgruntled employees, loss or theft as well as accidentally deleted files base on what Mandreel Indonesia has shared with us.

It will prove your dedication to protecting both your customers’ information and maintaining an ethical reputation within your industry among others. Your company will receive recognition as a business who protects its customers’ valuable information without fail.

Steps in Attaining an ISO Certification

Determining your organization’s risk management needs
Understanding what it takes to meet ISO standards
Developing and documenting an information security management system
Taking stock of resources needed for implementation
Adopting a policy-based approach
Documenting risk assessments
Working on employee awareness
Securing and auditing information systems
Protecting physical access
Obtaining certification and maintaining compliance in order to prevent, detect, respond and recover from a cyber-attack or breach against information assets in your organization

Preparing for the Assessment

When your organization decides it is time to obtain ISO 27001 certification by hiring an agency such as Mandreel ISO 27001, you should begin by consulting with a consultant who can help you create an action plan and guide you through various processes.

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